Friday, September 7, 2012

Mend (Ecclesiastes 3:7)

All is well in Tusbria ................ or is it Umbrany???? 

I am so close to Tuscany that there is actually a road sign that says "Welcome to Tuscany" on the main road here BUT since I'm staying so far up a dirt road (it's the story of  my life ;) the road must jog back into Umbria on the way up to the house.

For those who asked where I am and why - I'm about halfway between Cortona (of Under the Tuscan Sun fame in the Tuscany region) and Perugia (of Amanda Knox, American student on trial for murder, fame in the Perugia region).  Also roughly halfway between Rome and Florence.  I'm quasi housesitting - caring for a cat, but primarily here for spiritual and emotional retreat.

It is very quiet other than the occasional dogs barking or thunder - have had several nice rains since arriving, and it was dry as toast before I came.  I asked the man who picked me up at the train station if they'd had any rain because it looked so dry, and he said "Niente" (nothing).  So now the autumn rains begin, and it's almost too cool in the evening and early morning.  Wonderful breezes - ahhhhh.

There was the two-day hunt this past weekend for pheasant or dove or some defenseless bird - but that's over for another month I think ..... according to Maria Grazia (Mary Grace) at the little alimentari in La Mita at the end of the dirt road and around the curve.

Here's some more food photos - they always seem popular....

Fico (fig) from trees all around here

Fig Bars in the Suzy Homemaker Toaster Oven

Future Blackberry Cobbler

Fennel plants are everywhere - a very popular food item in Italy.  You cook the roots, but the tops are also used as some sort of spice - they smell like licorice.

Grapes with seeds - it's against the law to develop a grape without a seed here.  I learned to eat the seeds the last time I was in Italy - they taste a little like nuts, with a slightly bitter taste at the end.  Not bad really...........

Fun with food!!!


  1. Love the pictures. So glad you are safe and well. Love you girl!


  2. Hey, Friend! Loved looking a your pictures and reading your blog. Almost felt like I was there too. I love Florence; was there in 2006. Your village sounds perfectly quaint. So happy that you have this time away to rest and regroup. When will you return? Love ya!