Wednesday, November 7, 2012


For anyone on a diet out there – this was a day to refrain.

I attended the first day of the 19th Annual Chocolate Festival in Perugia as I made my way towards Rome.  It was all things CHOCOLATE!!! … Bubba Gump had picked chocolate instead of shrimp – chocolate kebabs, hot chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate cakes, chocolate popcorn, chocolate-dipped items, chunk chocolate, chocolate liqueur, chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate sauces – you’re getting the picture???  ….
 Chocolate Kebabs

My friends from Ciobar - the hot chocolate drink 
that's so thick, your spoon stands up in the cup
The Milka people sponsored a large booth and balloon release
Chocolate liqueur in a chocolate cup

Liquid (chocolate) fire hitting my throat
The cup didn't last long

 Perugia – a lovely city


Many people encouraged me 

to look for a man while in Italy ...... 

and I think I've found 

the man of my dreams.........

the Milka Man!!!!!


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